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The Immam from the local madrasa leads the boys and some local men in praying for the success of 13 new shops which are being built to accommodate furniture dealers who are being forced to relocate away from the centre of the town. These will be a single storey and made from timber. It is hoped that they will be completed in two months

The Ettie Shopping Complex is almost complete. All but one of the shops on ground level have been let and the orphanage will start receiving an income from March 2014. The orphanage plans to run a primary school and coaching centre for local children on the first floor. This commence at the start of 2015 and will generate further income.


The National Flag was raised and the National anthem was sung, and pigeons were released from the captivity of the local market as a symbol of freedom.


More than 60 mothers and some siblings attended the annual Mother's Day Celebrations. This is a great day for the boys who take trouble to decorate the orphanage. They are given a feast of beef, fish, dhal and rice.


8 new boys were admitted to the orphanage on Mothers' Day. Seraj is interviewing one boy and his mother. Their fathers' died from accidents - one in a fishing boat, another on a motor bike, or illnesses such as cancer.


Ducks bought for the orphanage


Boys saying 'thank you' to Mina for the new generator

Mina runs the Orphan's Trust in London and has been very generous to Charfassion Orphanage. She recently donated a generator which is used in the evenings when there is no power from the grid. The national power system is very poor, with power cuts almost every evening and often during the day as well. This makes it very difficult for the boys to study. The boys were elated when the generator was used for the first time. The cost of fuel for the Orphanage use will be offset by the sale of electricity to the tenants of the Ettie Shopping Complex and other shops in the neighbourhood.


Goats being vaccinated on arrival at the orphanage. New goats are quarantined for 3 weeks after the

The Orphanage has had two large donations of goats during 2013. Unfortunately the goats arrived just before a large cyclone reached Charfassion and the extreme weather weakened their immune systems. This was followed by an outbreak of an unknown virus which was widespread in the area. Altogether about 5000 goats died in the region around Charfassion, and the Orphanage lost about half of its herd. This was despite all goats being vaccinated and being treated by the local vet when necessary. However, now all the remaining goats have developed a strong immune system and most goats are pregnant. So the Orphanage is optimistic that the goat farm will overcome this major set-back and become a successful project.


Jamahl, a local businessman, and Roshid, the builder

Jamahl has a business close to the orphanage and is always willing to lend a hand when there are touch jobs to get done. Mr Roshid is very skilled and hard working and has been responsible for all the buildings which started in 2010.


19 November 2013. The Ettie Shopping Complex is coming on well. Most of the shops have been rented

It is hoped that the Centre will open in January 2014. The upper level will operate a coaching centre, to be run by the orphanage, for local students, both primary and secondary. There is a big demand for coaching and this will raise additional revenue for the orphanage. Seraj, the Director, and his brother Shahjahan have worked very hard to make this happen so quickly. Also Mr Roshid, the builder of the project, and his team or workers have shown dedication to their job.


17 November 2013. Independence Day celebrations at the town stadium

The boys always perform at the annual Independence Day Celebrations. Here they are building a human pyramid


Ettie Shopping Complex

September 2013. The roof of the ground floor is completed. Work on the second floor is about to commence.

15 May 2013

Fishing earned US$2067 during the past year - this is double what was earned last year, and is a valuable contribution to the income of the orphanage. The senior boys are actively involved in fishing.


7th March, 2013

Orphanage boys do some of the light(er) work involved in building the new shopping complex. Foundations are being built under the mud to hold a platform for 26 shops.

15th February, 2013

Praying for the success of the building of the Ettie Shopping Complex

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