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The Orphanage is aiming to become self-sufficient through developing its agricultural facilities.  It is also building some shops that will secure an on-going income stream.

The Orphanage farms a large area of land:  it has four ponds in which fish are reared and sold. Vegetables are grown to feed the boys and for sale at the town market.

A goat shed has recently been completed and the aim is to start with 100 goats which will be farmed for meat. Local goats are not suitable for providing milk and cheese but it may be possible to improve the quality of the goat herd over time.

Both the goat farm and the shops are in the development phase and the goats will not produce regular income for at least two years.   At present the Orphanage relies on fundraising groups and individuals in America, (particularly the Char Fasson Children's Fund) the UK and Australia.

The Orphanage aims to promote tourism and new tourist accommodation will be built in the near future through funds provided by America's Dartmouth University.  This building will be two storeys and is designed to provide a secure area to shelter the boys in the event of a cyclone.

Some donations are also provided by citizens of Bangladesh, particularly through Zakaat.

The Orphanage runs at a deficit and relies on donations to make up the short-fall. It also welcomes donations to enrich the daily lives of the boys:

  • Education is not cheap, and the boys need school and exam fees, uniforms, books and stationary.  

  • The boys love to play sport and good quality sports equipment is expensive. Many boys are also provided with individual tuition from teachers outside the orphanage.

  • The boys have only one second-hand laptop between them, and would love to have more.

  • We would love to provide the boys with musical instruments and a music teacher.

  • Seeds are bought for the market garden that provides vegetables for the local market and for the boys

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