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The Orphanage welcomes visitors and you will be sure of a warm reception.

There are three guest rooms with western-style ensuite facilities.

The Orphanage is most easily reached by an overnight launch from Dhaka to the small fishing village of Betua. The launch leaves Dhaka every evening from Saderghat and arrives around 6.30am the following day.  Orphanage staff will meet you and accompany you to the Orphanage, which is about half an hour away.  

Delicious meals are cooked by Rashida, Seraj's wife.

The Orphanage is on the outskirts of a small but busy market town.  It is set in beautiful countryside where walking is a pleasure, and bird life is plentiful.

Karim, a visitor from Sweden, is enjoying an evening walk.  Children are always keen to interact with people from overseas.


Contact the Director - Serajul Islam ( or mobile phone: +880 17 3913 9343 or +880 18 1473 6167- to make arrangments for your visit and to discuss the accommodation rates with him.  

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