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The original 1972 building was condemned by the government in 1986 and is in the process of being demolished.  The new dormitory block, Harlan's Hut 1, was completed in July 2010.  Harlan's Hut 2 (kitchen, diniing room, office, prayer room, school room and store rooms) were completed in 2012.

A new home for the Director is currently being built.

One of the orphanage ponds, which fronts onto the main road, is currently being transformed into a shopping complex of 27 shops, one of which will be used by the Orphanage to sell its farm produce.

The Orphanage farms a large area of land, Palbarri, about one and a half kilometers from the Orphanage.  There is a a cowshed, goat shed, and a large pond.  New accommodation for the farm workers will soon be built to make their home safe from cyclones.

Charfassion Orphanage

Charfassion Orphanage

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