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Our mission is to provide a home for up to 70 boys aged from 6 to 18 who have been orphaned and who are unable to be brought up within their natural family. An orphan is categorized in Bangladesh as a child who has no father. Single mothers are invariably poor and find it difficult to look after a family unless they have extended family to help.

The Orphanage works to  ensure that the boys make the most of their educational opportunities. Every boy attends a local school, and additional support is provided by the orphanage including mentoring by senior boys and additional teaching by orphanage staff. External coaching is also provided to some boys who show exceptional academic potential. The boys can remain in the Orphanage until they have taken their Higher School Certificate.

The Orphanage  provides the opportunity for the boys to participate in a variety of different sports, and to represent their schools and the orphanage in sports competitions.

The Orphanage aims to prepare the boys for suitable employment once they leave the orphanage. A separate hostel has been provided for the senior boys who are studying years 11 & 12.

The Orphanage is secular and will accept boys of any religion.  However, reflecting the make-up of the local community, it currently has only Muslim boys.  They are given instruction in the Islamic faith and the orphanage employs its own religious teacher.


The orphanage is registered with the Bangladesh Government NGO Board.

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